A la Ferme aux Cinq Sens
Une vie en conscience 
Welcome to our traditional farm

La Ferme aux Cinq Sens is situated on 37 hectares in the Haute Vienne region of France. It is a region of peace and quietude, where mushrooms, chestnuts, blackberries, and hazelnutes grow aplenty along wooded paths, and wildlife still roams.

We are fuelled by a passion to live in connection with nature. That's why we use organic farming principles and raise our animals with love and respect. We believe that when we are connected with our food we are more appreciative of it. As vegetarians, we think it is imperative to provide our animals with a happy, natural



Julio and Emily Soares

Organic fruit, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products

Organic fruit, vegetables, eggs, and cheese

Connect with your food.

La Ferme aux Cinq Sens